The Study of Life and Works of Maulānā Ḥāmādullāh Hālayjwī

حضرت مولانا حماداللہ ہالیجویؒ کی زندگی کا علمی جائزہ


  • اعجاز علی سوڈھر ریسرچ اسکالر، شعبہ تقابل ادیان و ثقافت اسلامی، جامعہ سندھ، جام شورو


Islam, Sunnah, Inward reform, Controversial, Devout.


Allah Almighty is the creator of the whole universe. He bestowed wisdom and intellect to humanbeings. He sent his prophets for their guidance. Prophets taught how to worship Almighty Allah by heart and serve humanity. After Prophets, it is the responsibility of religious scholars to guide people to the right way. Islam also explicitly encourages inward reform. Sub continent Indo-Pak has the privilege of being the gateway of Islam, as well as the benefit of great Islamists and brave people. The great scholars of Islam, Ulama, Hufaaz, Writers, Researchers, Intellectuals, Scientists and saints got birth on this pure land. These great personalities served their religion Islam with their self-determinations and eliminated the darkness of ignorance and eliminated the darkness of misguidance. Such great human lives and their educational, religious and literary activities have been documented, as the next generation could be aware of their great hostilities, writings and made their lives and their experiences as a model for themselves. Maulānā Ḥamadullah Ḥālajwī is one of them. He was a prominent pious Islamic scholar, researcher and a saint. He spent his whole life to follow the commands of Almighty Allah and the teachings of Holy Prophet (PBUH). He adapted his life according to the Sunnah. He used to do everything according to the Sunnah. He was a master of good personality and good character. His words were full of wisdom. During his meeting or statement, it seemed as if there was a sea of ​​knowledge, whose ripples were visible in his sermons. He used to make great arrangements for payment of religious duties. He was very pious and devout. His life is an ideal life and his religious and academic services are unpredictable. Practicing the Sunnah had become his mark and identity. He urged others to follow the commands of Allah and His Messenger (PBUH). Sitting in the company of such pious saints is also considered in worship. The bigger his personality, the more humble and controversial he was. This is actually the identity of a mediator and scholar. He was oceans of knowledge and action. The vacuum created by his death takes a long time to fill. Such individuals survive for centuries.




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