The Role of Education in the Establishment of Peaceful Society

پر امن معاشرے میں تعلیم کا کردار


  • تنویر ہما انصاری ریسرچ اسکالر، شعبہ تقابل ادیان و ثقافت اسلامی، جامعہ سندھ، جام شورو


Education, peaceful society, confidence, knowledge.


Education play main role in modern society and main purpose of education is to create a society characterized by holiness and reconciliation so that society is filled with a spirit of sympathy, sadness and good will. In no time has the usefulness of education and its spirituality been devalued. Education is recognized as a symbol of the greatness the living nations and civilized society.  Educated society reflects patience humble, grateful, fear and the most important habit such as determination and become an integral part of life. Even the educated society is considered to be a true pioneer of courage and human values. Education plays a positive role in empowering the weakest society. On the other hand educated people can think of the happiness and the well-being of humanity due to the light knowledge and their sincere efforts when working in this society so of course this will directly benefit those who are weak and ignorant in the society and the key to maximizing humanity. The light of education should also go to homes that are deprived of wealth and helplessness. It also means abiding by the law showing respect to women and helping the weak. Controlling bad temper and language being polite and following proper etiquette in a gathering is also part of good social behavior. In short good social behavior is living decently, peacefully, and with dignity among others without hurting or disturbing them. Good social behavior helps us live amicably in our society. It promotes good will and understanding among people and cultivates a clean, healthy environment for all citizens




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