U-5 Equilibrium of Population and Resources: Interpretation and Approach


  • Muhammad Aminuddin
  • Pirzada Junaid Amin Member of Council of Islamic Ideology, Islamabad.
  • bilal hussain Researcher




Population, Resources, Family, Islam, Approach


Population and resources have an interdisciplinary relationship. The establishment of a sustainable society depends upon a balanced family. Environment, health, and socio-economic peace and prosperity are tempered due to rapid variations. The population and resources gap is misinterpreted in particularly in Muslim societies. The population has been recognized symbol of power for a country. Shortage of resources is not caused by population growth but a result of mismanagement. This crisis requires contemporary interpretation and some indirect approaches. Islam is a balanced religion and encourages balanced life and society. The article in hand will review the policies taken by various Muslim countries. It will denote governmental campaigns for management of family and resources. This paper will provide Islamic instructions on the equilibrium of population and resources. It will discuss minutely legitimacy of the population equilibrium campaign. This research will highlight the approachable zones to address this burning issue. It will introduce swift actions to be taken by individuals and the community at large.




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Aminuddin, M., Junaid Amin, P. ., & hussain, bilal. (2021). U-5 Equilibrium of Population and Resources: Interpretation and Approach. Al-Aijaz Research Journal of Islamic Studies & Humanities , 5(3), 45-56. https://doi.org/10.53575/arjish.005.03.45-56