The comparison of angels among Judaism, Christianity and Islam

مقارنة الملائكة بين اليهودية والمسيحية والإسلام


  • Hafiz Haris Saleem Assistant Professor, Arabic Department Government College Murree
  • Syed Zia Ul Husnain Director, Centre of Islamic Studies & Arabic Sialkot, Pakistan


Angels, Islam , Judaism, Christianity , Characteristics.


The human mind  is unable to acquire the knowledge of   metaphysical  and unseen worlds  which fall in the category of faith  such as angels , concept of life and death , hereafter, and the belief in heaven and hell, except through the divine guidance given to  the   messengers and Prophets by Almighty Allah .The  faith in  angels is one of those believes mentioned in all the divine religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. All these three divine religions agree on the existence of angels in general. As this is  one of the six articles of faith of our true Islamic religion, and this is  one of the most important article of  faith in Judaism and Christianity too. Belief in angels is  the most widely discussed doctrinal elements in the sacred books of all these religions. It is a matter of fact that all these three divine religions have a firm belief in the existence of angles  but they differ only regarding their details such as their names, classes, descriptions, characteristics and actions. This article analyses and addresses the main question about angels in sematic and divine religions which is; how do the divine religions present angels and which are the similarities and differences between them.