About the Journal

An Open Access Quarterly peer reviewed print and online journal which is recognaized by HEC in Y category, become a multidisciplinary academic journal with an international editorial board representing various fields of research. It is launched to  romote study of Arabic and Islamic Research. It is dedicated to the study of the Arab world's classical and contemporary literatures, languages, history, thought and civilization and intercultural relations between Arab societies and the other cultural areas throughout history. From a wider perspective,ARJISH is open to the general fields of Islamic studies i.e. Qur’an, Sunnah, Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh), Islamic history, Seerah Study, Muslim world, Education, Educational administration, Islamic Social system, Comparative study of Islamic and Western Doctrines, Anthropology of religion and Applied Anthropology, Ethnology, Ethnography, Philosophy and Ethical, Social and Religious questions related to scientific research.

The Objective of Journal is to provide the reliable source of information on current developments in the field, to publish quality research articles and making them available to researchers worldwide. The journal will be essential reading for researchers for the latest developments in the field. It actively endeavors to participate in the development of new scholarly approaches and problematics. In addition to original research articles in Arabic, Urdu and English.

Notification for previous three years Publication of National Journals

It is clarified that the national journals are recognized by Higher Education Commission (HEC) on the basis of previous three years’ quality of publications. Therefore, the publication in recognized journal during three years prior to the date of recognition of the journal will also be accepted as publication in a journal recognized by the HEC. (Letter No. 1-3/AD-QA/HEC/Gen/2011/1185 Date: 31st March, 2011)

Al-Aʿjāz Research Journal of Islamic Studies & Humanities (ARJISH), published by the Al-Khadim Foundation which is a registered organization under the Societies Registration Act.XXI of 1860 of Pakistan and its place of publication is Matiari Sindh, Pakistan.