The Labor Policy 2010 and Protection of Rights:Shari'ah Anylsis



  • Muhammad Shahid Hussain Almazhri Ph.-D Scholar Department of Islamic Studies, National University of modern languages (NUML) Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad Department of Islamic studies, university of Okara
  • bilal hussain Research Investigator Law, Cll
  • Dr. Anwarullah Lecturer, Dept. of Islamic Studies, University of Okara


Labor policy; Islamic injunctions; Rights; Socio-economic development


The religion of Islam emphasizes on establish of justice in the economic system and demands of justice should be kept in track in all institutions whether they are social and economic. According to Islamic teaching, the main purpose of economic system is to give equal opportunities to all people with economic struggle. In Islamic religion, hard work and struggle are compulsory for the sustainability of life.Labor has key position in socio-economic stability of a society. Islam ensures labor welfare and protection of rights. Islamic law advices special rights for labor community. Islam gives a respectful status to employees and labors in the society.Hazrat Muhammad ﷺdeclared hard worker as a friend of Allah Almighty and asked to pay their wages before being released. Pakistan is a developing and industrial country and due to the Islamic Republic, the importance of the employees and workers goes on. Numerous labor policies in Islamic republic of Pakistan have been made to reveal rights and enhance the social status of labors and employees.Pakistan reviewed its labor policy in 2010 to improve welfare of the labor and employees. The article in hand wills analysis the labor policy 2010 minutely. It will denote the pivotal role of workers in social and economic development. This article will examine this policy in light of Islamic injunctions. It will present recommendations to improve labor welfare policy in Pakistan.




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