Glimpses of Economic Thought of Muhammad bin Al-Hasan Al-Shaibani: An introductory study


  • Muhammad Nazir Khan * Lecturer in Islamic studies Istanbul American school Turkey and Ph.d Scholar Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University,Turkey.
  • Muhammad Mushtaq Ahmed Assistant Professor, Department of Islamic & Arabic studies, University of Swat.
  • Hafiz Fazal e Haq Haqqani Lecturer, Department of Islamic and Arabic studies, University of Swat.


Imam Muhamad Sybani, Islamic economics, Islamic jurisprudence.


Noman ibn Saabit (R.A) known as Imam abu hanifa is the great scholar and the founder of hanafi school of jurists. One of his greatest students is Muhammad ibn ul hasaan alshaybani along with Imam abu yousaf R.A. Apart from his impact in other aspects of Islamic jurisprudence, he is pioneer of Islamic international law and have great contribution in the field of Islamic commercial law. In this paper, brief introduction and his academic history along with his scholarly contribution to ummah is discussed. Glimpses of important thoughts of imam Muhammad al shaybani R.A related to economics is also envisaged. It is observed that the economics thoughts of Imam R.A will have a great impact on the modern day economics practices if appropriately implemented.