The Development of Spouse in The Light of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’S Relation with Sayyedah Aisha (R.A)

ازدواجی زندگی کاام المؤمنین سیدہ عائشہ رضی اللہ عنہا کے ساتھ رسول اللہ ﷺ کے تعلقات کی روشنی میں جائزہ


  • Muhammad Akram Hureri Ph.D Scholar, (Quran Tafseer) AIOU Islamabad Pakistan, Ex-Research Associate, API Faculty, University of Malaya Malaysia
  • Mohammed Omer Rafique Ph.D Scholar Islamic Finance, University of Malaya Malaysia
  • Abdur Rehman Yousufi Visiting Lecturer in Islamic Studies, Riphah International, University Islamabad.


Quran, Holy Prophet PBUH, relationship, spouses, life.


The bonding between spouses is the integral part of practical life. This relationship results in a connection of responsibilities to fortify and strengthen the singular unit of the society under the divine commandment of Allah Almighty. The disregarding of these obligations causes anxiety and tension in the society. The article highlights the practices of Holy Prophet PBUH with his beloved and intelligent life partner Ayesha RA, to form the bases for a development model for the spouses. The study solves the problem of faint relationships of spouses through the mentorship model of Prophet PBH and deliberates different styles of development adapted by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in his whole life to develop his family. The styles are taken through a content analysis research on different authentic Hadeeth and Seerah books to extract the real authentic knowledge about the life of Holy Prophet (PBUH). The study is limited to the traditions related to only one wife, Ayesha RA. The suggested model can be further extended by applying the same methodology on other wives of Holy Prophet PBUH.