Role of the Shariah Academy in Family laws

عائلی قوانین میں شریعہ اکیڈمی کا کردار


  • Muhammad Asad The Islamic University of Bahawalpur
  • Barkat Ali
  • Fazli Dayan


Shariah Academy is a sub unit of the International Islamic University, Islamabad. It was started in 1981 with the name of Institute of Training, then in 1985 it was given the name of Shariah Academy. This Academy has been playing an effective role in family laws in various ways. The publication of a series of books and booklets on family law by the academy is a milestone. The academy has been organizing national and international conferences, in which it provides recommendations to government agencies on family laws. In addition, the academy conducts training courses on a regular basis for muftis, judges, lawyers, prosecutors and other legal professionals. The Academy invites the country's leading scholars to deliver lectures on different topics of family laws. It also conducts different courses on family law on the demand of a public or private institutions. Furthermore, the academy conducts distance courses on a regular basis in order to make the public acquainted with family laws. This article is an effort to highlight the role of the academy with respect to family laws.