Music and its Instruments …an analytical Study in the light of Qura’nic Verses

موسیقی اور اس کے آلات ۔۔۔۔ قرآنی آیات کی روشنی میں تجزیاتی مطالعہ


  • Dr. Atiq Amjad Principal, Govt. College Tandliawala Distt. Faisalabad
  • Saima Associate Professor Department of Islamic Studies, Lahore College For Women University, Lahore
  • Zahida Lahore College for Women University, lahore


Qura;n , Uswa e hasana, Music, meaningless speech, shameless words, Prohibited, Clear stance,


Not only music has dominated its place with all the extra-curricular activities and areas of life these days but it has also become part and parcel of solid research and academic discussions. A large segment of Muslims is considering it a religious obligation to boycott music. It seems that this issue will create a divide between Muslim Ummah especially when Naat (praise of Holy Prophet SAW) and other such religious recitations have also been undergoing contamination with it. Some religious T.V channels while airing homilies and preaching programs add soft and light music in the back ground, making it acceptable for Ummah who is supposed to be guardian of Prophet’s teachings. Whereas, at different places in Holy Quran discouraging words have been used for musical instruments condemning them depending upon their tunes without taking their names directly. This strengthens the argument that music is prohibited. The Quran uses such words regarding final verdict of anything that they either broaden the meaning of the verdict or narrow it down to a clear stance depending upon the particular thing’s different forms and conditions. These words are always perfect choice with respect to their literal, contextual, social, cultural, and literary background. Following are the quotes and narrations narrated by Sahaba RA who met only preserved the words and character of Holy Prophet SAW but also His “Uswa-e-Husna”. Islamic order regarding music, its instruments and music’s standing in Islam is explained in the light of Quranic verses.  

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Saima, Associate Professor Department of Islamic Studies, Lahore College For Women University, Lahore

Associate Professor Department Of Islamic Studies

Zahida, Lahore College for Women University, lahore

Associate Professor, Department Of islamic Studies,