Dr. Farooq Usman as Critic

ڈاکٹر فاروق عثمان بطور نقاد


  • Tanzeela Mushtaq Ph. D Scholar Department of Urdu BZU, Multan
  • Dr. Farzna Kokab Associate Professor, Department of Urdu BZU, Multan


Criticism, Literature, perception


Criticism is considered as the most important topic of the current era especially in literature. Among the different critic and studies, this study is also important. The present study primarily deals with the great work of Dr. Farooq Usman’s. Nukaat e Nazar the work critically evaluates the aspects of culture, prose, poetry, criticism and modernism in literature. This study focuses on practical implication of text the study argues that how Usman’s vision and perception for criticism has evolved the ways for the pioneers.


Rakim Al-Haruf meeting with Dr. Farooq Usman, at his residence, Shalimar Colony, Multan, on 15 August 2011.

Rakim Al Haruf meeting with Professor Najeeb Jamal, at the Dean's Office, The Islamia University, Bahawalpur, on August 18, 2011.

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