Sheikh Ahmed Al-Taweel's approach to the oasis of interpretation and his style

منهج الشيخ أحمد الطويل في واحة التفسير و أسلوبه


  • Dr. Saeeda Bano Assistant Professor, GCWUF.
  • Dr. Najma Bano Professor, Govt College for Women Peoples Colony Faisalabad.


Tafseer, guidance, Fiqh, Oasis, Imams


Sheikh Ahmad Al-Taweel via his vast of knowledge of Tafseer reflects the main teachings of Quran. By connecting a strong link between these words of guidance and the modern queries, he let the people see the actual essence of these teachings. Moreover, he built a strong perspective of Fiqh by quoting all four Imams and mentioned the purpose of the Prophets to make the people more intrigued. Being claimed as the brightest book, the Oasis of Tafseer holds a special position in the hearts of the scholars as well as the students.


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