The semantics methods in the poetry of Al-Mutanabbi

أسالیب علم المعانی فی شعرالمتنبی


  • Dr. Mufti Muhammad Saleem Research Officer, Department of Arabic, G.C. University, Faisalabad.


Rhetoric, Al-Mutanabbi, Counterpoint, Antithesis, Alliteration, Repetition


The research came to examine “The semantics methods in the poetry of Al-Mutanabbi where I directed the study and a purely rhetorical point by monitoring these methods, which in turn divide spoofing in two parts the semantics verbal methods and the moral semantics methods, and I chose the most common arts to make the subject of research. These references have concluded to reveal the effectiveness of these methods as well as their importance in the statement of meaning and enhances verbal and moral, as they have elevated the word and enriched the meaning and increased in originality and goodness, as well as the implications and connotations of the text as a whole, to the musical rhythm of the exquisite image and emotiions it aroused on the recipient.


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