The Economic Conditions of Arabs in pre-Islamic Era

دور جاہلیت میں عرب کے معاشی حالات کا ایک جائزہ


  • Khear Muhmmad Research Scholar, Islamic Culture Dept. University of Sindh.


Pre-Islamic era, economic conditions, source of Income, piracy, loot


It would be essential to know the pre Islamic economic conditions first, then it would be better to know that what are the Islamic principles regarding trade and economics. This would make us understand the Islamic principles fully; also it would help us to comprehend the nature of Arabs who were the same people who after coming into the fold of Islam agreed to lay down their lives for the Islamic cause. Keeping this in view, we can precise how much Islam advocates the truth and dignity for individual and business. Pre Islamic era was a dark period. Arabs had limited sources of Income and they relied upon the piracy and loot and plunder. In Dark era poets boasted Arabs loot and glorified it in their poetries. No one can deny that Arabs had bravery in their blood, and they conceive courage from their mother's womb. They used to loot money from affluent in the day time and gave away to the needy who used to boast them in their poetries. This Article discusses the Arab’s economic conditions in pre-Islamic Era.




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