2. Legal and Social Review of Child Marriage in Pakistan: A Judicial Perspective

پاکستان میں کم عمری کی شادی کا قانونی و سماجی جائزہ: عدالتی تناظر


  • AFRASIAB AHMED RANA Lecturer, Bahria University Law School, Bahria University, Islamabad.
  • BILAL HUSSAIN Research Investigator Law, Department of Law, Council of Islamic Ideology, Islamabad.
  • ZEESHAN HUSSAIN Legal Advisor, Women's Parliamentary Caucus, National Assembly, Islamabad




Marriage, Child Marriage, FST, IHC, Pakistan


Child marriage in Pakistan is associated with social, economic, and juridical aspects rather than mere religion. It is an exception to general Islamic law for the best interests of the child. The determination of the legal age of marriage for a child is discussed, but no efficient steps are taken in Pakistan. Marriage is still regulated by an old ambiguous colonial law. Furthermore, penal amendments are introduced with zero implementation. Although child marriage is covered by penal clauses, the courts recognise such marital contracts. Recently, FST (Federal Shariat Court) and IHC (Islamabad High Court) discussed this matter in detail and equalised child marriage as a crime clearly. These courts confirmed the determination of the legal age for marriage according to sharia. Moreover, several contemporary legal principles of Islamic jurisprudence are stressed on this issue. It is highlighted to examine child marriage in the context of social and public interest. The research at hand will review child marriage in the juridical context of the courts. It will denote the social aspects of this issue. This article will analyse the latest judgments of FST and IHC.


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