Novels of Abdullah Hussain___An Analysis

عبداللہ حسین کے ناول __ایک تجزیہ


  • Kausar Parveen Ph.D Scholar, Department of Urdu, Govt. Colege Women University, Faisalabad.
  • Dr. Sadaf Naqvi Assistant Professor/Chairperson, Department of Urdu, Govt. Colege Women University, Faisalabad.


Fiction, Trend, Urdu Literature, Renowned Analysed, Perspective


Urdu novel has very important in a literature. It has its own historical perspectives. Abdullah Hussain was renowned fiction writer in Urdu. He is considered trend and written style setter in Urdu novel writers. In this essay his new and unique written style of modern Urdu is being discussed in the perspective of modern fiction. It is also analysed the role of Abdullah Hussain to create a new, modern and mix Urdu in novels. Abdullah Hussain’s Novel have a big complex, weave of many strands, have a violent viability, like a stunning discharge of energy, deriving most of its kinetic pressure of love, which assumes, as the narrative progresses, the proportion of an auto-da-fe."




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