The Shakir's Ghazal and Modernity, Post-Modernity

شاکرکی غزل اورجدیدیت،مابعدجدیدیت


  • Hafiz Muhammad Fiaz Department of Saraiki, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan.
  • Dr. Ayaz Ahmad Rind Visiting Lecturer Saraiki Ghazi University, D.G.Khan.


Keywords: Modernity, Ghazal, Existence, Impracticality, Unity of Existence, Colonialism, Colonialism, Materialism


Everything changes with time. Literary trends also were changing with time. As progressive movement has destroyed traditional literary trends. Similarly, the theories of modernism, post modernism, colonialism and structuralism have influenced the literature around the globe. Saraiki literature has also been influenced by these theories and movements. We have tried to analyze this fact there. Shakir Shuja Abadi is the renowned nation poet of Saraiki language. The odd of Shakir is analyzed in the light of theories of modernism and post modernism to see to extent. Shakir's odd meet the criteria of the mentioned theories. How well this odd reflects the Facts and problems of society and how much improvement he wants in society.   




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