The Abdul Sattar Dalvi's book, "Do Zubanain Do Adab – An Analysis”

عبدالستار دلوی کی کتاب، ”دو زبانیں دوادب - ایک تجزیہ “


  • Afifa Naveed PhD Urdu Scholar GCWUF
  • Dr. Sadaf Naqvi Asst. Prof. of Urdu, GCWUF


Holy Prophet, Naat, Poetry, Quran, Masnavi, Islam


This article is written on Abdul Sattar Dalvi's book Do Zubanain Do Adab (Urdu-Hindi Perspective). Which he wrote in response to Gyan Chand Jain's book "Ek Bhasha Do Lakhawat Do Adab". Jain's view is that Urdu is not a separate language. Rather, it is actually Hindi, which Muslims have written in Arabic or Persian script. Abdul Sattar Dalvi proves the separate status of Urdu language with arguments. Jains prove the orthodoxy of Hindi over Urdu by lying, while Dalvi, on the other hand, proves the orthodoxy of Urdu over Hindi in the light of historical facts and evidence and in the light of the views of various experts. The relationship between Urdu and Hindi presents the separate linguistic structure of two languages ​​in the context of their socio-linguistic lessons. By conscious effort when languages ​​are purified from the words of another language, so artificiality is created. Jains prove the influence of Arabic and Persian effects on Urdu language linguistically and culturally. Dalvi attributes the effects of India's mixed culture to the profound influences of the Ganga-Jamni civilization. In the current political scenario of India, Jains promote negative things. Dalvi considers it necessary to promote positive things so that political, socio-linguistic harmony can be created and fascist forces can be stopped.  




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