Religious and Political Reforms and Reconstruction of Mujaddid Alf e Thani in Muslim of sub-continent


  • Babar Sultan Asadullah Ph.D scholar, Lecturer government college of Technology Burewala.
  • Taswar Hussain Ph.D. scholar I.U.B
  • Uzma Akhlaq Assistant professor Islamic studies, Govt.SE Graduate College B.W.P



Muslims reforms, sirhindi efforts, Islamic revival in Hindustan, Islamic Renaissance in Indian religious and political reforms


During his period, the life of ordinary Muslims was largely polytheistic and heretical. Due to their association with polytheistic religions and Indian culture, Muslims attended non-Muslim religious ceremonies. For their own purposes, they prayed to their gods and goddesses. The Muslims also started participating in Hindu festivals like Rakhi and Diwali. On the occasion of Diwali, they used to Light Lamps just like Hindus and used to cook food and send their friends in colorful pots as gift. The influence of Hindu civilization had affected the upper classes as well. The analytical study of the political, social and religious conditions of the time of Mujaddad Alf Thani (R.A) and the work of Mujaddad Alf Thani shows that the Muslim society of the Indian subcontinent at that time was prone to heresy and atheism. From the government level to the public, there was a lot of intellectual turmoil and dispersal. Ideological turmoil and dissension prevailed from the government to the public level. Religious chaos, religious heresies, the proliferation of rituals and innovations, the promotion of the Akbari religion, the bigotry of the saints and worldliness posed a serious threat to Islam and Islamic thoughts and original values. In these circumstances, there was a need to protect the Muslim Uma from the disaster and hinder the fall in creeds of the Muslim society and to render its services for the propagation of the religion and the spread of the religion. Therefore, to achieve this goal, Sheikh Ahmad Sirhindi was known as Mujaddad Alf Thani performed reformative contribution in the Hindustan.




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Asadullah, B. S., Hussain, T., & Akhlaq, U. (2021). Religious and Political Reforms and Reconstruction of Mujaddid Alf e Thani in Muslim of sub-continent. Al-Aijaz Research Journal of Islamic Studies & Humanities , 5(3), 40-46.