ENGLISH-2 The Socio-Political & Economic Contribution of Sufis in Society; A Case of District Muzaffargarh


  • Sajeela Perveen Research Scholar History BZU, Multan.
  • Sohail Akhtar Department of History Ghazi University, D.G. Khan.
  • Muhammad Usman Niaz M.Phil Scholar BZU, Multan.




Islam, Sufis, Social, Economics, Society, Education, Punjab, Muzaffargarh



The primary aim of this paper is to explore how Sufis played their positive role and worked to uplift the society through their teachings. This article primarily deals with the socio-economic contribution of Sufis in the society of District Muzaffargarh. The Sufis played an important role in the social construction of the new society as representatives of the Islam. Many well-known Sufis arrived in this region and had done splendid job in the preaching of Islam but also worked for the welfare of the society through their socio-economic support to the people. After the advent of Islam and they proved the torch bearer of Islam during the period of darkness. They worked for the prosperity of the society and abolished all kind of differences among the mankind. Humanism was basic task of their preaching and they created cultural and mutual cooperation and understanding among the people. People became best companion of each other without any discrimination. Muzaffargarh District was an important and well-populated district between the two rivers and the land was fertile. People accepted the message of peace and humanity and Islam spread rapidly. The credit of this dispensation goes to the noble Sufis. This research paper highlights the socio-economic services of Sufis in Muzaffargarh.





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Perveen, S., Akhtar, S., & Niaz, M. U. . (2021). ENGLISH-2 The Socio-Political & Economic Contribution of Sufis in Society; A Case of District Muzaffargarh. Al-Aijaz Research Journal of Islamic Studies & Humanities , 5(2), 14-27. https://doi.org/10.53575/English2.v5.02(21).14-27