URDU-4 The Importance & Significance of DNA Evidence in Islamic Shari'ah


  • Zain-ul-Abdin Arijo Assistant Professor Institute of Islamic Studies, Shah Abdul Latif University Khaipur




DNA, DNA in Islamic Shariah, Information of DNA, Structure of DNA, DNA Nopology


This research article discusses facts about DNA. It is the building block of the body that plays an important role in making the whole body. It is the inherent substance of not only humans but also all other organisms, which is the key to sharing information from parent to child. All genetic information has been structured to transmit traits from one generation to the next, and also to discover the history of DNA. DNA is not only discovered by accident, but by research, it is discovered in its proper way, along with its existence and production. In the light of modern science and Islamic law, the effects and results of DNA tests have also been made clear that Islam has made everything clear like glass even though a single test can produce positive results. DNA testing is specifically designed to help you answer our questions about childbirth. This article mentions several Islamic rules regarding human life. DNA testing is a new and innovative technique. Which is done for different purposes but in the light of Islam unlike the modern world, it has a different view.




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Arijo, Z.- ul-A. (2020). URDU-4 The Importance & Significance of DNA Evidence in Islamic Shari’ah. Al-Aijaz Research Journal of Islamic Studies & Humanities , 4(2), 63-80. https://doi.org/10.53575/u4.v4.02(20).63-80