The impact of private schools on the Islamic thoughts of student’s at district Shaheedbanzirabad


  • Ahmed Hassan Mphill Associate School of Education, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University
  • Mahboob Ali Dehraj Assistant Professor, School of Education, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University,
  • Dr. NasrullahKabooro Assistant Professor, Department of Muslim History, University of Sindh


impact: influence -Private: schools of individual-Thoughts: belief


Islam is the complete code of life, its teaching provide human society a complete guide line. So the 1st verse belong education, by this Islamic spread throughout the world and dominated over the biggest empire of the world like roman and Persian Empire. from the 6th century Islamic education brought their revolution in world and  introduce the new ways knowledge ,it was Islamic education which clearly states the education is the training of spiritually  and physically for human being but after British came in power, the education is only became physically requirement of human being. For this purpose private schools came in education ground and increasing can be imagine that in 2013, these schools were 21%  in Islamic state of the world, so now these are increasing rapidly in Pakistan. The research objective were as under, to analyze the role of private schools on student’s social life, to assess the impact of private schools on student’s educational life. Find out the impact of private schools on religious activities of Muslim children, for this purpose population was all private schools of district SBA, sample talkaNawab Shah, the convenient sampling was selected . There were 200 hundred private schools students, there were 12 questions, the finding of the research is that almost students have not basic Islamic knowledge, their dresses and thought were against Islamic education. These have not time for Islamic basic education. It is recommended that these schools must look after regarding Islamic education and Islamic teacher also be appointed.