The role of women in the formation of fair social system: A research study

منصفانہ سماجی نظام کےقیام ودوام میں عورت کا کردار ۔ایک تحقیقی مطالعہ


  • Dr.Rao Nasir Ali rao UOS Bhakkar Campus
  • Hafiz Nasir Ali Visiting Lecturer, University of Sargodha, Sub Campus Bhakar


empowerment and autonomy of women, improvement of women's social, Islamic society.


When one looks at the intellectual field of the world and then examines the Islamic point of view, it becomes clear that only whenislamic ideology should b understood and realized without any axcess the human society canreach at the desired destinatiin and approach in terms of male-female communication.Islam desires that the intellectual, scientific, political, social and, above all, spiritualdevelopment of women reach its perfection and that their existence as an important member of human society and the family be fruitful to the last and be useful.The people of the West have always been obsessed with the nature of the woman's temperament and nature of treatment of this delicate gender.

Basically, the West's view of women is based on inequality and imbalance, while Islamic teachings are quite the opposite.

For the welfare of a just social system, it is necessary to keep in mind the golden principles of Islam which it has formulated in the case of women and has made them the most important link in society.