The Verses of Surat e Yusuf: Analytical Study of Imam Shami’s Tafseeri Discussions

آیات سورہ یوسف : امام شامیؒ کی تفسیری مباحث کا تجزیاتی مطالعہ


  • Muhammad Akram Hureri Ph.D Scholar, Department of Quran & Tafseer, AIOU Islamabad / Ex-Research Associate, Malaya University, Malaysia.
  • Hafiz Iftikhar Ahmad Chairman Islamic Studies Department, Islamic University Bahawalpur.


Imam Shami, Yusuf, Tafseeri Points, Sublul Huda, Life of Muhammad PBUH.


Imam Mohammad bin Yusuf Shami RA (942 h) is one of the famous personality in the Islamic history. He wrote several books related Islam. One of the most precious book named “Sublul Huda wal Rashad fi Seerat e Khair e Ebad” belongs to life of Muhammad PBUH. Imam Shami RA quoted many verses of the Holy Quran in that book to describe life of Holy Prophet PBUH. In this article, we presented the verses of Surat Yusuf which are used in Sublul Huda to know his tafseeri points, causes of ‘Nazool’ and methodology. Imam Shami discussed seventeen verses of surat Yusuf in his book at different places to state life of the Holy Mohammad PBUH. He quoted many times one verse of the Holy Quran under different topic and chapters, and he gained separate meanings and concepts from that verse to describe life of the Holy Prophet Mohammad PBUH. In this article, it is analyzed that how he get meanings from verses.  How Imam shami describes the life of Holy Prophet PBUH in different ways. Furthermore it will be discussed the introduction of Imam Shami, Sublul Huda and its methodology.